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At Gonzalez Family Dentistry,  our team will strive to provide high-quality, affordable, and comfortable dental care to your whole family.  We offer a wide variety of dental services from pediatric dentistry to full and partial dentures. Dental emergencies can often be handled in the same day, and non-emergency appointments are usually readily available within 24 hours. We are confident you will have a great experience at Gonzalez Family Dentistry and leave with a smile!

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New Patient and Periodic Dental Exams

Fully Digital X-Ray Systems

Dentistry for Children (We are not a Pediatric Specialist)

Hygiene and Periodontal Care

Tooth-colored fillings

Cosmetic whitening (TAKE HOME)

$200 *Includes: Custom whitening trays and take-home whitening gel.

Crowns and Bridges 

Partial and complete dentures, denture repair

Implant restorations (crowns, bridges, or full dentures)

Root Canals


Oral Surgery (extractions)

Emergency dental care